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No set date at this time. Beginner Pilates Reformer Workshop. Learn to connect with your deep torso muscles as you practice the beginner level exercises. Improve posture, body awareness and rid of back pain. The class will be using the reformer machines. Sign up quickly, class size limited (only 4 people may sign up) Workshop held at Vestal Studio, Center for Holistic Services. Cost $25.00 prepaid. Call (607) 797-0726 to reserve spot.
Intermediate Reformer Workshop. Continue to learn more challenging exercises on the Reformer. Learn modifications to fit your needs. Cost $25.00 prepaid. Reserve spot quickly, only 4 people may sign up. Workshop held at Vestal Studio. No set date at this time. Prepay $25.00.
No set date at this time. BASIC PRANAYAMA Workshop (Yogic Breathing Techniques) There are many different pranayama techniques used in Kripalu Yoga. You will learn the following : Dirgha Pranayama - 3 part, full, deep breathing. Ujjayi Pranayama - The Ocean Sounding Breath. Kapalabhati Pranayama - A vigorous Pranayama that releases tension in the abdomen. Nadi Shodhana - A meditative & relaxing Pranayama using breath channeled through the nostrils. Prepay $12.00 or $15.00 walk -in. Please be on time. Workshop held at the Vestal Studio, Center for Holistic Services.

 Call         (607) 7970726

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