What do I need to do before my 1st class? Please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Sign in if taking a mat class and sign consent form. Any health concerns or questions regarding the class, please call ahead at (607) 797-0726.
Do I need to bring anything? Water bottle, towel, yoga mat for mat classes. If you don't have a mat, they are provided.
What should I wear? Clothes that you can move in easily. When choosing a shirt, wear one that is tighter or that can be tucked in to prevent getting in the way with certain exercises.
Should I eat before I come to class? Avoid heavy meals for at least 2 hours before class. A light snack is fine to keep energy and blood sugar levels up. Also, you will have a better experience if you come hydrated.
I am not flexible, can I do Yoga ? Yes, all the classes will help improve your flexibility. It's not just about flexibility; it is also about the breath, relaxation, meditation and connecting with your body.
As a beginner to mat classes, will I be able to keep up ? Yes, all classes are taught with modifications to make the class easier for beginners and more challenging for advanced students. You may also consider taking a few private lessons before joining in group classes.
What is Kripalu Yoga? Kripalu Yoga is a three stage style of practice. Stage 1 - Willful Practice (Body & Breath Awareness) an experiential approach to understanding the details of alignment & the coordination of breath while moving into & out of postures. Stage 2 - (Inner Focus & Concentration) You learn to hold postures for longer periods of time while cultivating compassion & awareness. Stage 3 - Meditation in Motion (Absorption) You practice the art of moving in response to your body's wisdom, with postures flowing from one into the next.
What is Stott Pilates Matwork? The contemporary approach to Pilates. Updated, safe, and effective. The exercises focus on the deep abdominal and back muscles, restoring the natural curves of the spine. The aim is optimal strength, flexibility, and endurance - without risking injury or building bulk.
What is the Reformer? The Reformer is the main piece of equipment used in Pilates. This precision piece of equipment offers versatility, facilitating many effective exercises. The Reformer glides back & forth on rollers and uses springs for resistance, along with other attachments. Benefits: No impact - easy on the joints, facilitates balanced strength, flexibility & core conditioning.
Please remove shoes before entering both studios. * If sneakers are needed, please bring a clean pair with you.
Please turn off your cell phone.
If running late, enter quietly and gently warm up.

 Call         (607) 7970726

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